We hope to see you at C2UExpo 2015!

Whether it is refugee health care, youth jobs or green construction, citizens can produce excellent policy. They are on the ground, have the best, real-time knowledge, and are motivated to solve the problems they and their families face every day. The most useful role that universities, colleges and non-profits can play is to bring their skills and capacities into close, respectful partnerships that support, test, amplify and replicate citizen-driven policy.

These types of partnerships populate communities across Canada, the United States and elsewhere. C2UExpo 2015 will be a space to highlight, share, interrogate and begin to scale up hundreds of such community-engagement activities toward better policy. These partnerships matter—they are a dynamic tool for building a better world.

Spread the word about C2UExpo 2015, and be sure to join us May 26 – 29, 2015!

Edward T. Jackson
C2UExpo 2015 Conference Convenor

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