Top 7 places to stay in Monaco

The small state of Monaco

Monaco a tiny city-state that sits on the Mediterranean coastline of France and boasts its own Monarchy. It is a city that is steeped in history and wonders.  Comprised of four quarters namely Monte Carlo, Monaco-Ville, La Condamine, and Fontvieille.  Some people opt only to do a day tour of Monaco, but this town is worth a stay longer than that.  We have listed our top 7 places to stay within the four quarters of Monaco!

Top 7 places to stay in Monaco

#1          Monte Carlo Bay hotel and resort
With a spa, three top-notch restaurants, indoor heated pools, guarded beach access and a sandy bottom lagoon you are not going to want to leave the hotel.  It has a host of watersports, golf, tennis, squash, yoga and various fitness centers including aqua fitness to offer. It caters to business conferences and various events.

#2           Port Palace Boutique Hotel
The Port Palace Boutique Hotel boasts a unique position right by the new yacht club with its upstairs rooms all offering an amazing view out over the ocean.
It is close to shopping centers and casinos offers a host of activities and a beauty and spa facility. This hotel is great value for money.

#3           Metropole Hotel Monte-Carlo
Built in the “Belle Epoque” style in 1886 this classic hotel has maintained are old world charm and elegant pedigree through the ages through various stages of modernization including that of the recent 2004 renovations.  The hotel offers every modern convenience including that of the Spa Metropole by Givenchy.

#4           Le Meridien Beach Plaza
With its own private beach and rooms offering their own private terraces on which to sit and have sundowners as you gaze out at your sea view this is the place you want to be after a long day of site seeing around Monaco.

#5           Hotel Hermitage
The epitome of classic old-world elegance infused with all the luxuries of the modern world set in the heart of Monte Carlo overlooking the Mediterranean.

#6           Riviera Marriott Hotel La Porte de Monaco
In true Marriott style, this hotel offers you that warm home away from home feel a moment away from the beach and local tourist attractions and casinos.  The rooms are equipped with all the state of the art modem amenities and the hotel has a pool, fitness center and the dining excellence synonymous with the Marriott name.

#7           Hotel De Paris
Perched upon one of the world biggest wine cellars this historic hotel offers the most luxurious experience.    Even while undergoing extensive renovations you can be assured of nothing less than excellent service, luxurious rooms, and modern amenities.  This hotel is really one of the jewels of Monaco!


Monaco is steeped in history and tradition offering world-class entertainment, hotels, and casinos’.  Its historic sites and various attractions make it a destination that should be on everyone’s bucket list. Before embarking on your trip to Monaco to take the time to read up on the rules and regulations of the city, always check your reservations before you leave and ensure you have all the necessary documentation such as passport, driver’s licenses, emergency numbers for your bank, etc.…

Monaco: 5 Top reasons to visit the world’s second smallest country

The worlds second smallest country is packed full of interesting attractions. To some people, Monaco is but a day trip but we do not believe that a person can get experience Monaco in such short time. As even being one of the world’s smallest country its culture, entertainment, sites and attractions are world class.

5 Reason to visit Monaco

#1           Casino de Monte-Carlo
Monaco boasts one of the world’s most beautiful and famous casinos. Its doors open at 2 pm every day and they have guided tours through the building between 9 am and 12 pm each day.
Take a step back in time as you walk through the doors into a historic casino which offers both the European and American style games.  Has places to eat and a theatre plus magnificent views of the Riviera. This casino attracts people from all over the world and you never know who you may bump into, just like if you go to rent a Maserati in Dubai!

#2           The Oceanographic Museum
The building of the Oceanographic Museum is a site to see in itself as it is has been built on the side of a rock it has stood watch over the sea for more than a century having been opened by Price Albert I on the 29 March 1910.

This great monument is known as the “Temple of the Sea” and brings about feelings of being in Neptune’s palace as you wander is halls lost in the realm of the ocean and its creatures as you get swept away in this unique wonderland of sea creatures.  This is a truly wonderful experience one is not to miss and should go early enough to be able to take it all in, especially when you visit the Apex offices.

#3           Monaco Grand Prix
in May every year, Monaco closes off some of its streets to host the Formula One Grand Prix.  This is a most spectacular event to see as the drivers take on one of the Grand Prix’s most grueling and challenging tracks.
So grab a picnic basket and get to one of the many perches throughout the city for a day of spectacular racing and city celebrations as cars fly along the treacherously winding streets of Monaco.

#4           Monaco Vintage Car Collection
This collection of vintage cars belongs to the H.S.H. the Prince of Monaco and it is open to the public for viewing. You can also rent luxury cars from There is a collection of over a hundred various vehicles from varying ages from the glass-topped car that carried Prince Albert and his South African bride Charlene Wittstock from their glamorous wedding to carriages that belonged to former sovereigns of the country.
A must to see even for non-car-enthusiasts this is quite the experience.

#5           Hotel de Paris Monte Carlos legendary wine cellar
This hotel boasts one of the largest wine cellars in the world hidden beneath the hotel.
It holds over 500,000 bottles of wine some of which hold price tags such as “priceless”, this exclusive cellar has seen some royal celebrations and services a lot of the restaurants throughout Monaco.


When planning your trip to Monaco always check with your travel agents and any local tourist information centers as sometimes some venues may not be available for various reasons.…

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