There are many reasons to rent a luxury car. A luxury car rental will have cars available for your need, but a luxury car may not fit in when you’re going traveling or running a marathon. If you’re somewhere like Monte Carlo or the glitzier part of Los Angeles, however, the need for a luxury car becomes justifiable.

For when you really need to ride in style, not just any car will do. Here are the reasons why it needs to be a luxury car.

An Anniversary. If you really want to make occasions special like, say, an anniversary, you have to arrive in style. Nothing says style like a luxury car rolling up the front door of your significant other. It’s a special thought to spend on your special day, so why not spend it on dining in style? A luxury car can be the start of a special day for your loved one.

A Birthday. It’s a once-a-year event, so why not make it something special? A luxury car rental gift would be nice. It would be a nice touch to show your sincerity for your significant other; for your relatives, it’s going to say ‘I cherish you’ like no other. Imagine riding into a restaurant or checking out the town in a luxury car—now that’s a special way to celebrate the day.

A Wedding. Weddings require something special. It’s a red-letter day for you and your significant other. It goes without saying that you should spend it riding in opulence and style and renting a luxury car would be a great touch. Imagine looking through your photos and seeing the luxury car you rode on—it could also serve as motivation to succeed in life!

Convenience.  Perhaps you want to show off when you come back to your hometown, or maybe you want to ride in comfort the way there. No matter your reason, renting a luxury car is a nice touch. With many features built-in for your comfort, you’re going to arrive fresh and ready for anything at your hometown while riding in a rental luxury car.

A Proposal. Proposing to your long-time S.O? A luxury car would be great to arrive in. This is an especially nice touch if you’re meeting her parents for the first time. A luxury car is also a symbol; it could be that you’re showing her only the finest gifts belong to her. You could also be showing your future in-laws that you’re absolutely ready to provide for their daughter.

Look your Best. It could be good at a wedding proposal, but if you’re meeting potential investors or meeting future business partners, even better. A luxury car signifies power. If you don’t have one now, you can consider renting one as a show of what’s to come eventually.

Luxury car rentals are dotted throughout the country, but they all have one thing in common: comfort. They make sure you ride in comfort, if not power and glamour. Consider renting luxury cars if you’re planning something special.