What Can You Use a Luxury Car Rental For?

It was in 1885 that the world saw the very first automobile. Since then the technology that has been used in it has evolved in ways that defied the comprehension that everyday individuals have. Nowadays, having a vehicle is seen as a necessary rather than a luxury.

While not everyone can afford a luxury car, there are now more ways that the everyday consumer can get their hands on it for a variety of reasons. To give you a better idea of what you can use it for, we’ve rounded up some of the more common reasons why luxury cars are rented.


This is, by far, the most common reason why luxury cars are rented. On what is considered to be the most special day of anyone’s life, luxury is pretty much expected rather than just needed. Whether it be a high class vehicle to shuttle the bride or the groom or a party bus to provide conveyance for the wedding party and guests.

Rental companies often offer massive discounts if more than one vehicle is to be rented from their fleets. Luxury rentals provide the perfect backdrop for classically stylish photos that the bride and groom can carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Party Bus

The word ‘Party Bus’ is pretty much a catch all description. It refers to any luxury rental that is meant for parties of five or more individuals. As the number of people determines the size of vehicle to be used, a party bus more than accomplishes the space needed.

Party buses are the favorite for a night out at the town with friends. Limousines actually fall under the definition of party bus as they are used to ferry a number of people that cannot be accommodated in a usual sedan.

Business Associates

When you run a business that has partners who are flying in from out of town, it is normally expected that you provide them with conveyance. Luxury car rental companies can provide your dignified guest with a hassle free and luxurious mode of transportation.

There are specialized rental companies that are able to rent out vehicles for prolonged periods and have a chauffer. All that is needed is usually a deposit or so. This makes it highly amenable for business associates that normally stay for a week or so in order to transact business.

Prolonged Travel

Sometimes going on a road trip is a necessary excursion. For trips with loved ones or friends, luxury rental cars are a good choice. Any reputable rental company will have vans or SUV type vehicles available for rent.

They’ll be spacious enough to carry people in relative comfort but won’t be as high end as a party bus.

To Close

A luxury car rental has a lot of different uses. The ones that we have mentioned above are only a few of the occasions that you can utilize a rental for. It is all up to you and what you would like to do with the vehicle. The sky (and vehicle availability) is the limit.…

Motorized Marvel: What Do You Get When You Rent a BMW?

When looking at rental cars, there are usually a wide variety of options to choose from. The choice of vehicle largely depends on the occasion and what it’ll be used for. When it comes to functionality, some brands shine more than others. The trouble often comes when you are trying to find a car brand that marries function with class and style.

When you really think about it, there is usually one brand that will stand out: a BMW.

What is a BMW?

Arguably one of the more well-known car brands in the world, BMW is a luxury brand that is often synonymous with style and comfort. If you aren’t familiar with what it stands for, it is actually Bavarian Motor Works.

With over 100 years in service, BMW has always been right at the top of the luxury models of cars. It has been so popular that they have consistently been a part of the fleet of any self respecting rental firm. If you really think about it, why is that? What do you get when you rent a BMW?

We’ve narrowed it down to a few things:


BMWs interiors are always known to be highly luxurious. They have been known to use genuine leather seats which are usually linked to opulence and wealth. Rolling up to your event in a sleek BMW is often the start of a really good time.

Most people, when they see those who ride chauffer driven BMWs are often immediately impressed. There is a reason why a BMW is normally rented out to be the ride of business partners and investors when they come to town.


BMWs are fairly easy to take care of. This is one of the reasons why car rental companies have a lot of them as a part of their fleet. When you personally choose to drive a BMW, you get to experience a motorized marvel that has consistently upped its game through the years.

They’re easy to handle and the dashboard is highly responsive to any developments during the ride. If you so much as forget to wear your seatbelt, the dashboard will let you know.


BMW is highly committed to the continued safety of their passengers and clients. As such, they consistently make sure that they build cars that rank pretty high in the safety index. Even this year, BMW is one of the safest cars on the road.

So if you ever find yourself in an accident and you happen to be driving a BMW, you can be rest assured that you are well protected.


Renting a BMW for your event or special occasion is a pretty good choice to make. Not only are you afforded a highly luxurious drive, but you can experience a masterful vehicle performance like none other. It also helps that your safety is a top priority of its designers and manufacturers.

A BMW is a highly reliable vehicle that will not let you down when push comes to shove. If you are thinking of renting a vehicle, go with a BMW. Regardless of the model, you will not be disappointed.…

Best Reasons You Should Rent a Luxury Car

There are many reasons to rent a luxury car. A luxury car rental will have cars available for your need, but a luxury car may not fit in when you’re going traveling or running a marathon. If you’re somewhere like Monte Carlo or the glitzier part of Los Angeles, however, the need for a luxury car becomes justifiable.

For when you really need to ride in style, not just any car will do. Here are the reasons why it needs to be a luxury car.

An Anniversary. If you really want to make occasions special like, say, an anniversary, you have to arrive in style. Nothing says style like a luxury car rolling up the front door of your significant other. It’s a special thought to spend on your special day, so why not spend it on dining in style? A luxury car can be the start of a special day for your loved one.

A Birthday. It’s a once-a-year event, so why not make it something special? A luxury car rental gift would be nice. It would be a nice touch to show your sincerity for your significant other; for your relatives, it’s going to say ‘I cherish you’ like no other. Imagine riding into a restaurant or checking out the town in a luxury car—now that’s a special way to celebrate the day.

A Wedding. Weddings require something special. It’s a red-letter day for you and your significant other. It goes without saying that you should spend it riding in opulence and style and renting a luxury car would be a great touch. Imagine looking through your photos and seeing the luxury car you rode on—it could also serve as motivation to succeed in life!

Convenience.  Perhaps you want to show off when you come back to your hometown, or maybe you want to ride in comfort the way there. No matter your reason, renting a luxury car is a nice touch. With many features built-in for your comfort, you’re going to arrive fresh and ready for anything at your hometown while riding in a rental luxury car.

A Proposal. Proposing to your long-time S.O? A luxury car would be great to arrive in. This is an especially nice touch if you’re meeting her parents for the first time. A luxury car is also a symbol; it could be that you’re showing her only the finest gifts belong to her. You could also be showing your future in-laws that you’re absolutely ready to provide for their daughter.

Look your Best. It could be good at a wedding proposal, but if you’re meeting potential investors or meeting future business partners, even better. A luxury car signifies power. If you don’t have one now, you can consider renting one as a show of what’s to come eventually.

Luxury car rentals are dotted throughout the country, but they all have one thing in common: comfort. They make sure you ride in comfort, if not power and glamour. Consider renting luxury cars if you’re planning something special.…

Top 7 places to stay in Monaco

The small state of Monaco

Monaco a tiny city-state that sits on the Mediterranean coastline of France and boasts its own Monarchy. It is a city that is steeped in history and wonders.  Comprised of four quarters namely Monte Carlo, Monaco-Ville, La Condamine, and Fontvieille.  Some people opt only to do a day tour of Monaco, but this town is worth a stay longer than that.  We have listed our top 7 places to stay within the four quarters of Monaco!

Top 7 places to stay in Monaco

#1          Monte Carlo Bay hotel and resort
With a spa, three top-notch restaurants, indoor heated pools, guarded beach access and a sandy bottom lagoon you are not going to want to leave the hotel.  It has a host of watersports, golf, tennis, squash, yoga and various fitness centers including aqua fitness to offer. It caters to business conferences and various events.

#2           Port Palace Boutique Hotel
The Port Palace Boutique Hotel boasts a unique position right by the new yacht club with its upstairs rooms all offering an amazing view out over the ocean.
It is close to shopping centers and casinos offers a host of activities and a beauty and spa facility. This hotel is great value for money.

#3           Metropole Hotel Monte-Carlo
Built in the “Belle Epoque” style in 1886 this classic hotel has maintained are old world charm and elegant pedigree through the ages through various stages of modernization including that of the recent 2004 renovations.  The hotel offers every modern convenience including that of the Spa Metropole by Givenchy.

#4           Le Meridien Beach Plaza
With its own private beach and rooms offering their own private terraces on which to sit and have sundowners as you gaze out at your sea view this is the place you want to be after a long day of site seeing around Monaco.

#5           Hotel Hermitage
The epitome of classic old-world elegance infused with all the luxuries of the modern world set in the heart of Monte Carlo overlooking the Mediterranean.

#6           Riviera Marriott Hotel La Porte de Monaco
In true Marriott style, this hotel offers you that warm home away from home feel a moment away from the beach and local tourist attractions and casinos.  The rooms are equipped with all the state of the art modem amenities and the hotel has a pool, fitness center and the dining excellence synonymous with the Marriott name.

#7           Hotel De Paris
Perched upon one of the world biggest wine cellars this historic hotel offers the most luxurious experience.    Even while undergoing extensive renovations you can be assured of nothing less than excellent service, luxurious rooms, and modern amenities.  This hotel is really one of the jewels of Monaco!


Monaco is steeped in history and tradition offering world-class entertainment, hotels, and casinos’.  Its historic sites and various attractions make it a destination that should be on everyone’s bucket list. Before embarking on your trip to Monaco to take the time to read up on the rules and regulations of the city, always check your reservations before you leave and ensure you have all the necessary documentation such as passport, driver’s licenses, emergency numbers for your bank, etc.…

Test Drive The Car Before Hiring It From The Dealer

Before you hire the luxurious car in rent from the dealer make it sure that the car is perfect for the occasion. If you have the driving knowledge, then test drive it on your own. If you do not have the experience on a test drive, then take the help of an experienced driver from the driver providing companies. Make sure that the car is perfect to use for the occasion. There is no money needed to test drive the car.

Choose that car that you are satisfied with the test drive or your hired driver sure you about the car. You can take the car for a day or for a week or for a month. After the test drive ask the dealer about the contract. In the agreement, the amount must be written clearly. Also, make it sure that the dealer charges the rent either in a kilometer or according to the days you needed the car. Another essential thing that you must also look for is the warranty on the car.

If you found that the car warranty is going to expire soon then it wise not to hire the car for a rental. Following the tips choose the luxurious car that is your need to fulfill the purpose of the occasion.